Reelfishing Charters- Info

If you’ve been looking for vacation ideas somewhat out of the norm, you might consider renting a fishing charter boat for a weekend. In most cases, renting this type of boat means you get not only the boat, but also a captain and crew as well. All you have to bring is yourself and whatever extra supplies you may think you’ll need. Some companies will even supply the rod and reel. More minimal companies will just rent out the boats themselves and you’ll be responsible for everything else. You’ll find an abundance of these companies, both full service and barebones, in areas where water tourism is a major draw. Check Reelfishing Charters – Boca Grande tarpon fishing.


A fishing charter, of course, promises to deliver what it says on the marquee. This isn’t the only kind of boat expedition you can take, however. In addition to trawling for chicken of the sea, you can go snorkeling, swimming, and visit islands out in the ocean. Many companies supply tour captains that will run several different types of boats for various activities. So don’t feel as though you should write off this vacation possibility just because you don’t like to fish. Just getting out on the water can be exciting in and of itself, even if you never pick up a rod the entire time.

Lowering the Price

Renting a fishing charter for your private use can be expensive. After looking at the prices captains want for such an expedition, you may find that it is budget prohibitive. Don’t give up hope just yet, however. Many vacationers find it prudent to go on group expeditions, thus lowering the price substantially. Instead of putting the entire burden of the fee on one party, it is spread throughout the group attending. Yes, you’ll get less privacy, and you’ll have to share the crew’s attention with strangers, but it can be a great way to meet new people. It is certainly an effective way to save money.

Sole Occupancy

If you have the money and want to take a fishing charter boat without the crew included, you’ll need to demonstrate to the company that you have the proficiency needed to take care of the vehicle. In many cases, this will mean showing the company that you have certifications that say you have taken the requisite safety classes. No matter how competent you feel behind the wheel, however, it’s a good idea to purchase whatever insurance they offer just in case you run into trouble. You don’t want your vacation to turn into a financial disaster due to one wrong spin of the wheel.