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Tarpon Charters has long established themselves as one of the premier sources for taking great big fish. This is because they provide the captains and crew with a full array of services, from fishing for large tarpon to helping your family sail to exotic destinations. If you’re looking for more tips, Boca Grande tarpon charters has it for you. The most important aspect of being a charter captain is to make sure that you are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise. This means that you need to make sure you have the right tarpon rods and other essential supplies on board the boat.


These are not the same old nylon pole boating stuff that you would pick up at the local fishing store. This is top of the line gear and has the highest quality braided lines and reel bearings that you can find anywhere. It also has grommets for the spinning parts, rod holders and plenty of storage space. On the lower end of the tarpon charter price range you will find a basic captain’s package that comes with two fishing poles, a variety of tarpon baits and rods, and some rope. However, you don’t get everything in the cheaper tarpon charters so you will have to invest in a few more things.

One of the more popular packages that you find for chartering tarpon is one that comes with a couple of seats so all of the passengers can sit and fish at the same time. Most of the charters also come with a lunch package that includes bottles of fresh water, saltwater fishing float and some snack choices as well. Of course, there are also lots of side trip options to keep the whole family occupied while you are on a relaxing tarpon fishing adventure. No matter what type of fishing you plan on doing with your captain and crew, you are going to have a great time thanks to the services offered by Tarpon Charters.

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