Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa- Info

With an epoxy garage floor, you will certainly make your garage more functional. The coating will provide perfect protection from chemical and petroleum stains. It will be slip resistant and last for a long time. In order to get all these benefits, you need to choose good quality coating as well as to apply it correctly. Use this advice to get the best possible results.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa

Choose solids rather than solvent-based coating. According to experts, it will make the surface more durable, more chemical resistant and less slippery. It is true that you will have to mix the ingredients to get the paint ready, but your efforts will pay off.

Prepare the concrete step by step to get the best epoxy garage floor. The first thing to do is to inspect the surface for any cracks and damages. They have to be dealt with before you begin applying the coating. Check whether your concrete floor sustains moisture and adopt relevant methods for dealing with this problem. If the concrete is moist, the coating will not produce the desired results.

In order to ensure the best possible bonding between the coating and the concrete, the concrete surface has to have the texture of light sandpaper. If your floor is perfectly smooth, you should definitely consider renting a shot blaster or a diamond grinder for giving the surface the texture it needs. If you cannot do the work by yourself, you may want to hire a professional to do it for you.

Clean the concrete surface perfectly before you start working on the epoxy garage floor. Use a vacuum to remove all debris. Remove any oil and other stains using a de-greaser and a brush that is stiff.

You need to prepare the room for painting. Cover any objects remaining in the garage. Apply painter’s tape to the edges of the walls. More importantly, make sure that the space is perfectly well ventilated. The temperature inside the room should be between 60 and 80 F in order to ensure even and quick drying. It is best for the air to have low humidity, so you may want to postpone the work if it is raining outside.

The next step is to prepare the epoxy coating. You just need to shake a solvent-based paint and stir it a bit. If you are using solids, then you have to do some more mixing. You need to put the resin into a container and star pouring the catalyst slowly and keep mixing the two. You need to mix the mixture for another two minutes after you empty the catalyst container. You will have to get for the coating to get ready. Wait for as long as prescribed by the manufacturer.

A roller is the most efficient tool for applying the coating on the epoxy garage floor. You can readily use a paintbrush to cover the edges. It is important to apply even coating on all areas. For best results, apply a second layer of coating after the first one. Finally, let the coating dry for at least 24 hours and do not move your car inside for seven days after application to get the best possible epoxy garage floor.