A Few Reasons Why You May Need Air Conditioner Repair

There are many reasons why you may need an air conditioner repair. You may have to shut it off for a summer storm, failed to turn it on for a few minutes, mistook a low or high pressure setting for full, and so on. In order to determine whether or not you need an air conditioner repair, you should first identify what the exact problem is with your unit and the type of repair required.Learn more about us at Thiel Heating and Cooling-Air Conditioning Repair

There is only one power source for your air conditioner. This can be caused by a tripped circuit breaker, faulty wiring, or an overheated AC which has shut down itself in order to save power. If this is the case, an air conditioner repair professional can isolate the problem, check the circuit breakers, and fix any other issues that might be blocking airflow into the cooling unit. If the problem is one of the vents, then they will need to be cleaned or replaced, and the filter need to be replaced as well.

Other common problems with air conditioners are broken air conditioning coils, worn out fans, clogged filters, evaporator coil blockages, and duct leaks. The most common reason for cooling issues with an air conditioner is dirty air filters. This will result in the unit working harder than it is supposed to, forcing extra airflow through the cooling coils. Over time, this will result in overheating of the coils, which will make them work even harder to cool your home. If this happens, you can easily resolve the issue by installing a new filter. Air conditioner repair professionals will be able to clean the inside of your filters and replace them if needed, and will also be able to tell you when your filters need to be replaced.