Shelling Out For Landscape Services

Summer is meant to be a season for rest and relaxation, for lounging by the pool or at the lake, for spending quality time away from home. Yet, with all of the lawn care that comes with owning a house, you spend much of your time mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and mulching. During times like these, I always consider hiring a landscaper to come in and help. I know the cost is always on my mind, but I also know that when my children are grown, I will not remember how much time I spent mowing my lawn, but I will remember how much time I spent at the beach, more about it.

So there I was, on my search for cost-effective lawn care. I considered buying from a neighbour who was looking for a way to supplement his income over the summer, but I decided against it because I wanted a specialist to come out. All will be taken care of by them. I didn’t want to sweep up in the spring or fall, remove weeds, edge, or do something else. I knew the neighbour boy would keep it trimmed, but I wanted to take advantage of the room while I was home for weekend barbecues. I didn’t want to look around and see that all the landscape services offered was still needed in my own yard.

It was not difficult to find a successful landscape services firm. I knew I needed someone with good prices, high-quality jobs, references, and a service provider that could work around my schedule. I needed the lawn mowed on Thursday afternoon so that we could enjoy it over the weekend.

It was critical that the contractor had references who could vouch for his integrity. The last thing I wanted to do was recruit someone who couldn’t get along with the locals. What I mean is that he had to be respectful of the community members, polite to the children, dress appropriately for work, and have a general attitude of someone who is excited about their work.

To me, quality is very critical. I wanted a landscape company that could spot weeds and know when the mulch needed to be replaced. I wanted someone who would work hard and be thorough without needing me to hover over them and tell them what I wanted done. Instead of me running the show the first time we met to interview the landscape company we ultimately employed, the gentlemen asked me questions about what was important to me in terms of his services. He inquired as to how long I prefer the lawn to be held. He was curious about how I kept my bushes and trees. It was also critical to him that I fit his landscape design style.