Roofing Marketing – Digital Marketing Can Increase Leads and Increase Profits

As a roofing contractor, you need to understand how digital marketing works. When most homeowners and commercial property managers search online for roof maintenance or a new roof installation service, they first look at the websites of major roofing companies. If you want to ensure that they choose your roofing contractor, they must be able to locate you online even before they discover your competition. In other words, you need your own website and blog. The first step to online marketing for roofing is to create a website and blog that showcase your work. You can start with a template to get you started. If you are looking for more tips, check out The Canyon State Roofing Glossary – Part 1.
If you have great reviews on Google or other search engines, your website and blog may get picked up by search engine robots. If these robots are impressed with your website, it means that others have found your blog and website interesting enough to follow. This is the first step to online marketing for roofing contractors. Once you have established a reputation on Google, you can start submitting links to articles, press releases and blogs that are related to your work and customers will visit your site looking for answers.
Other contractors will start submitting links as well and word-of-mouth marketing will quickly spread like wildfire. By following this basic online marketing strategy for roofing companies, you can easily get quality leads without spending thousands of dollars on TV advertising or radio ads. Instead, quality prospects will come to you. These leads may not turn into paying customers immediately, but once you have built a relationship and established a good reputation on Google, your site will start to gain popularity and you will see your overall lead total increase. With each new link you generate and each great review that you provide on Google and other search engines, you will gradually see your lead total grow.