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The aim was to have a more comprehensive curriculum while also combating high dropout rates by motivating students to continue their education beyond eighth grade. The Junior High School created many positive results, but improvements were needed over time. The Junior High School was thought to have missed the mark by being too close to a High School, and that the particular needs of the young adolescent were not being met.Middle School in the Modern PeriodThe goal of today’s Middle School was to develop an atmosphere and curriculum that would enable young adolescents to grow and learn in a more age-appropriate manner. The school was designed to meet the needs of the students it served in terms of growth. To encourage young people to grow their interests and skills, a wider variety of introductory, or tryout, courses were introduced. Students and teachers were reorganised to allow for interdisciplinary courses of study and to provide a more stable atmosphere for younger adolescents to thrive and gain trust. Click over here now Preschool near Me

Intramurals were also proposed as a replacement for interscholastic athletics by the concept’s creators. Even I wouldn’t go quite that far. The Developmental ApproachThe argument is that Middle School understands that younger children should not be handled in the same manner as older children. Many of the original ideas have faded away, but many of the key concepts, such as interdisciplinary courses, Connections courses, common planning time, and the team-centered scheduling approach, are still in use today. The principles of developmentally acceptable schooling are still prevalent in the middle grades today. That is to say, school-sponsored sports aren’t meant to be exact replicas of Varsity programmes. The notion that there are uniform weight groups, that scores are held, that the aim is to plot a win over the opposing team, and that this is how it should be, just like varsity, is not what school wrestling is all about.