Ear Piercing: Care For Your Earrings

Ear Piercing, also called body piercing, is the process of removing an outer portion of the skin, making an opening for an artificial implant, or by trimming away part of your body. In ancient times, piercing was a sign of power, status, and sexuality. Today, it has become more common among youth, although piercing is still seen as an important symbol among certain groups of people. Some people may have a deep-seated fear of being pierced, while others have no problem with it. But whatever the reason may be, piercing does have its risks, and those who do not go through the proper piercing processes, or fail to get proper care when they do get pierced, are risking infection, pain, and a diminished level of self-esteem. The most popular ear piercing type is an “earring-around-the-nipple” style, which creates a circle within the skin that looks just like an eye, because the ear lobe lies underneath the nipple. This type is often made from a soft, pliable material such as silicone or saline, and can be shaped or even folded to create a loop shape for the earring.

This type has very little risk of infection, but if it snags or starts to pull on your ear, it can cause immense pain and should be taken care of right away. If your ear piercing starts to tear, or if you notice a lump, abscess, or other problem with the piercing, you should take steps immediately to avoid these problems from occurring later. While earrings can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, if they are not properly taken care of, they can cause a great deal of pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. Learn more by visiting PiercingPlaces.

Other types of ear piercings include the popping of hoops, the inserting of barbells or other types of weights into the ears, and the creation of studs. All of these options provide a new way to display your jewelry, and they can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary ear piercings can be worn for a few hours or a day, whereas permanent ones may need to be removed at least once a month to keep the piercing from becoming irritated or infected. Whether you opt for a temporary style or a permanent style, earrings are a very important part of your wardrobe, so make sure you take care of them by following a few simple tips.

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